We offer up to 5 levels of tanning at each of our locations!

At Speed of Light TAN customer service and cleanliness are what we pride ourselves on.

Our tanning consultants are trained to help customize a tanning package and tanning product to help you achieve the darkest, fastest tan possible without burning.

We offer single tans, monthly, minutes, & memberships which require no obligation!


Level 6 - $123.95
Velocity (can use Levels 1-6 and Spray Tan)

Level 5 - $89.95
Ergoline 600 (can use Levels 2-5 and Spray Tan)

Level 4 - $65.95
Orbit/Stand Up (can use Levels 2-4)

Level 3 - $59.95
Super Sundash (can use Levels 2-3)

Level 2 - $24.95

Spray Tan - $79.95
Mystic Spray Tan Only