About Speed of Light Tan

Tanning is not a single event…it is a process. Tanning begins with melanin production. The melanin quickly migrates to the skins surface where it begins the darkening process. UV light is what tans the skin. There are two types of UV light that is emitted from a tanning lamp, UVB and UVA. UVB promotes melanin production and UVA oxidizes or darkens the melanin. Here at Speed of Light TAN we offer up to 5 levels of tanning. Let our tanning consultants guide you through the ”tan with a plan” method using all levels we offer. We suggest, that to achieve a beautiful, long lasting tan you should use all levels as your tan progresses. This will keep your melanin production at its peak while continuing the darkening process. We at Speed of Light TAN strongly promote moderation in tanning. Overexposure to UV light, both indoors and outdoors, can actually work against you as your tan develops. Keep your skin tanned and healthy by following our recommendation on your tanning exposure schedule.

Why use a lotion?

Your skin needs certain nutrients to get its best possible tan. Those nutrients aren’t found in the average diet. Professional tanning products provide those nutrients that your skin needs to maximize its tanning alidty.

What is Tingle?

Ingredients in hot lotion products are designed to increase the microcirculation of the skin, causing an increase in blood flow. It increases the oxygen level in the skin for a greater, more intense tanning result.

What is a Bronzer?

For darker, more immediate results, bronzers supplement a tan with a light self tanner that delivers color in 2-3 hours as a natural tan develops.

Why use a facial tanning treatment?

It helps you develop a sun-kissed tan while treating delicate facial skin with revitalizing, firming and moisturizing benefits.

Why use a moisturizer or lip balm?

These products have intense hydrating ingredients to preserve, protect, and extend the life of your tan. These products enhance tanning color, prevent peeling, and replenish moisture…helping to maintain hard-earned tanning results.